Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hi guys this is a really quick post today! You may remember me saying that I was going to get my hair cut at Rush Hair soon. Well I got it done yesterday and also dyed my hair myself (Clairol Summer Blonde, SB2) and here are the results:

I asked for a full fringe with messy layers. I'm not sure she really got the messy layers bit but my hair has a few more layers, I'm a fan of the fringe though. The cost would have been £46 (ouch) but luckily they offer 20% off for students which brought it down to £33 (I think they also worked this out wrong haha!).

Also just to warn you guys that I might be a bit MIA for now as I have a family thing today (my grandad's 85th birthday!) and I'm doing work experience all next week at my local paper. But I'll try to comment when I can :)

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Recent clothes purchases

So I've been trying to stop myself from spending too much money recently. But for some reason I keep thinking that if I buy a new and wonderful wardrobe for my final year at university, I might actually achieve a first in my degree (could you imagine if this actually happened!).

Here's a few bits and pieces I've picked up recently:

Leather Biker Jacket, Miss Selfridge, £52.00

You may remember this item appearing on one of my Instagram posts a while back! I was trying to tell myself that I didn't need it but I love it, it fits so nicely.

I'm a bit annoyed though because the woman at the till didn't apply my student discount on this item but did on the cheaper item. £5.20 isn't a huge amount but still, I'll be going back haha. It reminded me to be careful checking receipts :)!

Cream Knitted Pocket Cardigan, New Look, £17.99

I don't know about you but I am definitely a summer girl. As there's been a horrendous lack of summer in England, I'm definitely coming round to the idea of snuggling up in huge jumpers and cardigans. This seems like a great price for a cardigan considering Topshop's prices. I saw Lily wearing it a OOTD post the other day too!

OK so this isn't the actual item that I bought as it's not on their website. Also it was also a teen item I've got to be honest here! (If you're a size 8-10 by the way, size 14-15 totally fits...). It's exactly like this but rather than the PU collar it has a black lace collar, a style that's been around a lot lately. It was £14 I think plus student discount. I've got to be honest I have nothing against buying teen clothes if they fit and are cheaper haha!

I'm getting my new glasses tomorrow from Specsavers, so excited. And I panic booked a haircut for tomorrow as well. I haven't redyed my hair in a while though and there are obvious roots. I hate it when this happens as I get so panicky that the hairdresser is glaring at me...If I could afford to get it coloured at a hairdresser, trust me I would! Anyone ever feel the same?!

Lots of love. xxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The best bath pampering session yet...

Starting a blog post with "I've just had the best bath ever" may seem weird in any other circles but it's all alright when you're a beauty and lifestyle blogger...

I thought I'd share with you the list of products so you can achieve your own amazing bath...!

1) Cleanse face, I use this - Garnier Soft Essentials Rose Cleansing Milk. It leaves my skin smooth and glowing.
2) Apply face mask of choice, I used the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. You can get a sample size of this for £2 in Boots to try it out:

This feels so warm on your face and you can feel it drawing out all the impurities

3) Choose bubble bath of choice - mine currently is Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All bubble bath

Smells great, makes your skin feel smooth, great for what they call "feeling like a queen"!

4) Choose exfoliator of choice - Soap and Glory Sugar Crush

I wish I could explain the smell of this, it just reminds me of a sweet shop. Please go to your local Boots and sniff it, however weird it makes you look...

5) Choose body lotion/moisturiser of choice - Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter

Boyfriend bought me this and the smell is gorgeous. Leaves you feeling luxurious.


What's your favourite pampering routine?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

August Empties!

Hi guys hope you are all well! I'm having a bit of a nightmare today, hardly slept last night and now just heard that Creamfields has been cancelled where my boyfriend is at the moment! He doesn't have a phone on him as he didn't want to lose his iPhone and I've heard that the car parks have flooded so some people can't start their cars...Trying not to worry but if you're anything like me you know girls are definite worriers!

But blogging is definitely the best way to distract yourself and I thought I'd do my first and rather early August Empties post. I've got to admit there isn't that many products that I've used up as I'm really rubbish at finishing a product...

1) Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbent Scent Deodorant

I really like the scent of this, it smells fruity and makes you feel fresh. Dove also seems to be permanently on offer in Superdrug or Boots too, this is originally priced at £3.29 in Superdrug but is currently £1.63 here. I find that Dove is my favourite deodorant as it keeps my skin non-irritated as it can be a little sensitive. I'd definitely repurchase this but I'm currently using their Lemon deodorant.

2) Elvive Nutrigloss Shampoo

This was on offer when I bought it and I think it was about £1.30 so a bit of a bargain considering how big the bottle is and lasts you (I wash my hair everyday.) The normal retail price is £3.99 which I probably wouldn't go for to be honest. It definitely cleans your hair and smells OK but it isn't a miracle product at all. For the price I'd really rather go for Aussie!

3) Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub

I first came across Soap and Glory about two years ago after giving the shower gel to one of my friends at the time. I went into her bathroom one day and could smell the shower gel almost immediately and was hooked! I bought this sample size (£2.50 from Boots) a long time ago and I love it. The scrub is made up of shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar - ingredients that make it smell divine to be honest. I've just bought three more Soap and Glory products, making use of Boots 3 for 2 offer and repurchased the scrub. The full size is £7 but is literally huge. Funny fact about this product: my boyfriend used it once and loved it so much that I bought him the sample size too...! Haha!

4) Body Shop Mango Body Scrub

This is another great body scrub. If I had to choose between Soap and Glory and this one, I'd probably choose Soap and Glory just because I find the scent of this a bit overwhelming at times. It does leave your skin super smooth though and is especially good before shaving. I'd repurchase a Body Shop scrub definitely but maybe a different one!

5)  Elvive Nutrigloss Crystal Conditioner

This is priced at £3.99 currently at Superdrug and I have to be honest I probably wouldn't pay full price for it. Again this huge bottle was on offer when I purchased it. It makes my hair feel soft but I don't really agree that it adds any shine. I far prefer the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner that I'm using currently!

6) Radox Shower Smoothies Island Indulgence

This product is one that I loved the scent of at the start but was a bit bored of by the end. The main ingredients are passion fruit and papaya but there are also aronia berries that act as an exfoliator. I don't think the berries really work as an exfoliator but I enjoyed the scent and consistency of this. It cost me £2.95 from Boots but looking on their website it looks like their Buy One Get One Free currently, great deal! I think I'd repurchase another shower smoothie but in a different "flavour" instead, the Soul Soother one looks good.


Have you used any of these products?
What did you think?

Please link me to your empties posts below and I'll check them out. Also please keep giving me ideas for my 50 followers giveaway :)!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Recent Photos on Instagram

Just to let you guys what I've been up to as I don't know about you but I love being nosey and looking at what you guys have got up to!

Watched Crazy Stupid Love, I adore Ryan Gosling.
Love wearing skinny jeans and a checkered shirt.
Went and saw Ted with my boyfriend, very funny!
Pub and glass of white wine and boyfriend.
Got my free 1/2 a chicken at Nandos, was blissful.
Not a big fan of Costa but their flapjack is yummy.
My boyfriend bought a tiger onesie to wear at Creamfields, I stole it.
We made a very yummy dinner.
The studded iPhone case that I made (see post here)

What have you guys been up to? Can't believe how many of my Instagram photos are about food, oops.
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DIY: Studded iPhone case

Hi lovelies :)! I've been trying to be as creative as possible this summer, possibly due to the boredom of a) having four months off for summer and b) living in a tiny village.

Unless you live truly in the middle of nowhere you'll be well aware of studs trending recently. They're literally everywhere, almost excessively sometimes. I've really liked the idea of studded iPhone cases and thought I'd give it a shot myself.

Celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus have been enjoying the studded case trend too.

You can of course by the cases on Ebay and Etsy but some of the cases are ludicrously expensive, so why not make your own?!

For this tutorial I'll be using a black sillicone iPhone case (find yours on Ebay or at a Poundland shop most likely) but you can use whatever silicone case you want. It has to be a silicone case rather than a hard back plastic one as I'll be using studs that you have to pierce though. The second item you'll need are the studs, I bought mine on Ebay here. They are 10mm Silver Pyramid Studs and I got 100 for £3.50 roughly, bargain. The last item that you'll want is something to fold the stud prongs over, I used tweezers but you can use something like a spoon! You don't want to turn the prongs over with your fingers as trust me this is incredibly painful if you catch yourself!

1) Firstly you want to think about your design! I had a look on Ebay and Etsy for inspiration and you can see the designs that I chose below

2) Lay out the design on your iPhone case, you may want to draw a line with a ruler and a sharpie to ensure that it is all straight. I didn't do this for the first one, oops

3) Once you're happy with the design, push the studs through the sillicone case to the other side. Once the prongs are through make sure you fold them down so they're secure. This ensures that you won't scratch your phone. Eventually you'll want the back to look something like this:

You can see that the prongs are all pushed down firmly!

Here's my final designs:

What do you think? Something that you'd like to try?

If you don't want to make the item yourself, my cross iPhone case is up on Ebay here for bids starting at £4.99. Bargain! These will make great gifts if you don't have an iPhone yourself.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

I was given this for my twentieth birthday and have to admit it, bath bombs have never really been my thing. It's not like I've had a "bad" experience with a bath bomb haha I just never really saw the point in using them and preferred good old bubble bath and exfoliators. Unfortunately this product didn't really make me change my mind...

This product includes rose absolute, geranium, jasmine and orris. Firstly, what on earth is Rose Absolute? Lush states that their Rose Absolute comes from the flower petals of the Damask Rose. You can see from the photo that the bath bomb literally includes petals in it.

Now I would say that one of the positives of the bath bomb is that it does look lovely and the petals definitely look like a romantic touch.

But I was really disappointed in the actual bath bomb. I have read some bloggers that really enjoy the scent. I found that I could hardly smell any scent at all which was a shame. All it did to the bathwater was make it a slight off-white soap colour which disappeared in a few minutes..

Also I the petals floating in water didn't really do it for me...!

So I personally wouldn't recommend this product! It's £3.20 which I think is quite pricey considering what it did do.


Have you used this product? What did you think?

Can you recommend any other bath bombs?