Monday, 23 July 2012

ASOS £101 challenge

So I've seen this been done quite a bit on blogs recently and couldn't stop myself joining in!

So the aim of the game is to find items adding up to a total of £100 on the ASOS website and if you post the link to your blog entry on the Discount Coder Blog you might win £100 of ASOS vouchers.

Unfortunately I'm rubbish at maths and went over by a £1 but you get the idea...! ALSO I just noticed that the jeans are actually £28...I am so bad at this! OK just assume that I made use of my 10% student discount and it would totally be the right amount ;)

Anyway! I went for a casual day-time style outside inspired by our recent sun and pastel colours:

top here, shoes here, jeans here, bag here, bracelet here.

My favourite items of this are definitely the bag and the jeans! I love pastels so much. Unfortunately I am half way between a size 8 and a 10 so I'd never know what size jeans to get...

What do you think?

Please link me to your attempts at the challenge below! Hopefully they'll be better than mine!!

UPDATE: If you want to enter have a look here to find out how :)

S. x


  1. £1 doesnt count, not in my book anyway! I like the sandals and bracelet best

    1. Thanks Kim! Glad you liked it! :)

  2. yes that is a super cute idea, you did a nice job :D


  3. Sounds like a fun competition although I know I'd end up spending with all that asos browsing! I have actually ordered those sandals from asos but in metallic purple :) Also love the colour of the jeans you picked out. xx

    1. I love the colour too! It's so hard to resist ASOS! I just followed your blog, love the prints post!x