Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

This is my first Lush product that I've ever bought! It's definitely taken me a while to warm to Lush as I find the stores a little bit overwhelming with so many different scents. But I thought I'd treat myself as I'm feeling a bit less ill and my body being cruel has given me rubbish skin this week!

The woman in Lush recommended this face mask for my skin type (combination, prone to oiliness, blocked pores). The mask is a seaweed gel that brightens but can also exfoliate as it includes ground almond shells. There is a definite lavender scent to it as it includes lavender oil.

For those of you who don't know Lush's fresh face masks are ones that you have to keep in the fridge. This was incidentally perfect for today as it was 30 degree heat in England and wow it was cooling!

(More this week is only 75p to those who are interested haha, just incase you can see!)

So this is what it looks like in the pot. It is quite thick and has a clay-like texture due to the inclusion of what Lush call "Fuller Earth". You can also see the smaller and darker pieces which are the almond shells.

So I put this on for about 10-15 minutes generously all over my face. You can definitely feel it tighten while it sets. Once the time was up I added some warm water to the face mask and gently exfoliated my face with the almond shells. I did this for a few minutes and it felt lovely, nothing too harsh as my skin can be quite sensitive.

I then washed it all off with cold water to close my pores. Anything that was a bit hard to get off I used my Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel to get rid off everything else (I totally have a Body Shop haul to blog about soon...). 

The results? So my skin feels amazingly soft and I can see why people rave about Lush products. It hasn't had any adverse effects on my skin as far as I can see and has really helped remove any dead skin cells. This has left my skin feeling fresh and glowing. I'm really happy!

It cost £5.79 and the woman recommended it would have about three applications. I reckon I might be able to squeeze 4 out of it though, so it's very cost effective. I definitely recommend this!


Have you ever used any Lush masks?

What else do you recommend?


  1. Hi lovely, I have not used these masks but it is good to know new products... thank you so much for your visit!
    I follow you now! Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  2. I've tried this before!
    It made my skin feel so fresh and new!
    I would recommend the lip scrubs. They have done wonders for my cracked dry lips :)


    1. It's probably the best mask I've ever tried!
      Ooh fab, I just saw your review of the lip scrub and it looks great - I followed you by the way :)
      I did see a DIY guide to the lip scrub though that I'm tempted by...!

  3. I will try, I love Lush!!

    Here a new follower :)

    xxox from http://staers-blog.blogspot.com.es/

    1. Thanks! I'll just have a look at your blog now! :):) xxx

  4. I've heard such great stuff about lush face products. Might have a splurge in there soon!


  5. love lettuce <3 I have so many lush products I love but this has to be one of my favorite :)
    Very cute blog and background! xx


  6. I want to try this one! Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! I followed you too :D

    xx Veronica