Monday, 6 August 2012

Top websites to save money on fashion

As a student who has to battle a lot of tuition-fee debt I'm always looking for ways to save money and as a result of this do a lot of shopping online. Primark is an obvious example of a high street store that helps those who on a budget but there are a lot of places online that can help you save:

1) Etsy is an amazing place to find unique style pieces for a lower price. I personally think it's amazing for jewellery.

Bracelet: £16.00 from Necklush

Etsy is perfect for people on a budget who still want individual pieces that you can't find on the high street.

2) Ebay is one of my favourite places to save money. Before I buy something I nearly always check if it is available on Ebay or if a copy of the item is available. One of my favourite shops on Ebay is FlowerHeart2010 which makes dupes, if you like, or top fashionable or model bags at the current time. Another favourite for bags is HandbagWorld who do the same thing. This is my favourite bag which a dupe of the Zara bucket bag but a lot cheaper.

Zara Version: £79.99, link here

Ebay version: £22.95 + postage, link here

As someone who gets bored with bags quickly anyway you can't complain with a £20 bag.

Can you guess the price of everything on this website haha? Basically how Primark prices used to be online.

ASOS Marketplace is very much like Ebay but completely fashion orientated. Little By Little is an example of a really cute shop that has amazing clothes:

This is another fab example of something that you just can't find on the high street. My favourite part of this website is Blogger's Corner. This is where a blogger talks about their favourite pieces from the site and you actually get discount on those products by entering a code. If you refer a friend you can also get £10 of credit and they offer 15% student discount (I'm going to sob when I no longer get student discount.) 

OK guys last one!

I've never really heard of Fashion Vouchers before but I was really impressed with how they brought together lots of different vouchers. Current ones they're showcasing include offers at Debenhams, Oasis, and Urban Outfitters.

My final tip would probably be to make use of student discount. UniDays offers amazing discount for students who might not have a NUS card as it works through student portal verification. Don't forget that more expensive brands such as Topshop still offer 10% discount for students with a valid ID :)

Hope this has been useful in helping you save some money :)!

What other websites would you recommend?


  1. umm this is a fab post, love it! and i love ebay, got som egreat bargains from there :D x

  2. Agree about Ebay and Etsy :) I found the everything £5 site so disappointing though, I guess it's a case of looking on the right days! xx

  3. Great ideas for finding things for less- I completely forget to check etsy! So nice that its all hand made too! x

  4. very informative :) I will check out these sites! I'm a big fan of asos market places, I've got such lovely things from there xx