Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Birthday haul and what I got up to!

Am I only one who gets really nervous about their birthday?! For some reason it makes me really anxious but I usually enjoy it. This was probably one of the most enjoyable birthdays yet. I spent it with my boyfriend who was so sweet! He cooked me breakfast in the morning then we headed to London for lunch.

The restaurant we went to was Palm Court Brasserie in Covent Garden which is a French restaurant.

I really wanted to try the mussels but they aren't in season so they were off. Instead I chose "Wiener Holsten" which is breaded veal with capers and anchovies. It was super yummy. My boyfriend had pan fried tiger prawns in garlic butter which looked great too. I'd definitely recommend it if you're going to London.

We went to London Aquarium afterwards which was lovely.

Here's my main presents. My mum got me the Naked 2 Urban Decay Palette and the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume, admittedly I chose these both out for her :P My boyfriend bought me the chocolates (yum), a CD by my favourite band The Gaslight Anthem and a Thomas Sabo charm for a bracelet I own.

It's a silver Eiffel Tower, I absolutely adore it. 

I'm so lucky!

Tomorrow or Friday I will hopefully be posted a DIY tutorial on how to dye tote bags ombre style. I bought some canvas bags on Amazon for 70p each and I bought some fabric dye so have a look at that when it comes up :)

What have you guys been up to? Do you like the charm?


  1. The necklace looks really cute ^.^ & the perfume smells really good, I've got it too !

  2. The charm is lovely :)And the Naked 2 pallette looks amazing, I might have to get it ;)
    Bex x