Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review: Umberto Giannini Billionaire Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi guys! Thought I'd post a review of my current shampoo and conditioner for you. You might have noticed that I've had a blog name and design change. For some reason I wasn't really liking Sophie Victoria (my actual first name and middle name) and thought I'd change it as I love anything rose related. I designed the new banner myself, yay!

So anyway, it's no secret that I dye my hair. I never used to use colour shampoos and have never used a purple toner shampoo. I've read so many good reviews of purple toner shampoo for brightening blonde hair and removing any traces of brassiness that I thought I had to give it a go.

As you can see from this photo the shampoo is a very dark purple colour. This rather alarmed me when I first used it but I rapidly became apparent of the gorgeous smell. I think it's like cocoa butter but really rich, wow. The shampoo contains purple toner which helps to even out your hair tone.

I wash my hair day everyday which I know is really bad but I hate having unclean hair. I don't use this shampoo everyday and tend to use it on a every other day basis.

The bottle recommends leaving it on for an extra few minutes if it looks brassy or dull.

My favourite item of this duo is definitely the conditioner. It is so thick and really feels nourishing. The smell is even better than the shampoo too. I find the shampoo quite drying but as soon as you put the conditioner on (you can leave it in for up to ten minutes or so too) it feels soft and moisturised.

It terms of enhancing blondeness I do feel like it does that and I imagine it will help the blondness stay longer than it would without a colour protection shampoo and conditioner.

I got these two products plus a leave in conditioner on an offer in Boots which was 3 for £10. Otherwise they are £5.49 each which is expensive!


What other brands of colour protection shampoo and conditioner would you recommend?

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  1. Love the new blog name :) Umberto Giannini products are really good. I mostly use Aussie or Pantene! xx