Saturday, 11 August 2012

Finished ombre and tie dye t-shirts

Just thought I'd let you know what the t-shirts came out as! I'm really happy with them. I've also put them up on Ebay for 99p if anyone's interested haha.

This is my favourite one for sure. It's up for £1.99 on Ebay here

I think these will look great with denim shorts as a statement piece.

I'm still working on the canvas bags but will let you know how they go. Hope you're all having a fab weekend...!

What do you think?

ALSO: I'm going to do a giveaway when I get to 50 followers, is there any ideas that you guys have for the giveaway?


  1. i'm gunna have to try this! x

  2. they look awesome :) xx

  3. Oh my so lovely! :) I like it! <3

  4. The tie dye one looks awesome, it's like those pink and blue cola bottles! I might take a look at these on ebay haha xx

  5. they really look good ! And perhaps you could give something like this away. Like a ombre canvas bag + 'matching' t-shirt. Or some of your favourite make up products that you use.

  6. gotta love a good bit of ombre! love the tutorial you did as well, I don't think I have it in me to pay 30 odd quid for something I can do at home to a 5 quid tee :) lots of love!

  7. You are incredibly talented, they look fabulous!

  8. I went to buy the £1.99 one but I didnt realise it was a size 10 :(
    Its gorgeous anyway, you should be proud! x

    1. I have some bigger ones up, definitely look at my other items! :) xx