Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Review: Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Hi guys :) So I'm sure as you'll find out I love the Body Shop. Particularly as they seem to always have discounts on as I have a Love Your Body card (10% off anything but on top of offers too usually!). They also tend to email me with 40% off deals, lovely. AND because it's my birthday in 6 days and I have their card I get £5 off any purchase, mega-yay!

I picked these up a week or so ago whilst reading another blogger's review on them. They were on an offer at the time which made them two for £12 and priced at £9 each it seemed like a bit of a bargain. I chose the mango and cocoa butter ones in the end :)

Key Facts
So the beautifying oil is a dry oil. What on earth is a dry oil I thought whilst staring at it rather transfixed in Body Shop...

A dry oil is an oil that is lighter than usual oil so it leaves a satin finish rather than a slick finish.

The beautifying oils don't have to be used just on your body, they can be used on your face and in your hair too to moisturise.

So what did I think?

These both smell absolutely amazing and a little bit goes a long way - if you smother yourself in this you're going to look a bit like some greasy KFC be frank.

I found that if you used this on your face (I used it after the Lush Love Lettuce mask) overnight, I woke up and it felt incredibly soft.

They also felt amazing on my skin and I think they are making my skin softer. It also leaves your skin with a nice shine but again, don't cover yourself with it!

I'm not totally sure how good this is with your hair. I first used it in my dry hair and only used a small amount but my hair looked ridiculously greasy as if it hadn't been washed that morning. The next day I put it in wet hair before blow-drying and that seemed to make a difference but I'm not going to call it a miracle product.

I also wish the container was a spray as it's really irritating to get out!

All in all a good product but not one I'll be repurchasing. I think I'll keep to the body butters for moisturising!


Have you used these, if so what did you think?

Do you want to try the beautifying oils?


  1. Interesting post, I didn't know that product :) xx


  2. Great post! There's a Body Shop near my hse that I pass by often but Ive never heard of this product! It looks good!

    I'm a new follower:)

    1. Thanks Ash! Will check out your blog xx