Tuesday, 31 July 2012

E.L.F. Wishlist

Why have I also never heard of E.L.F. before?! Crazy. I was browsing their website this morning and just can't believe how good value their products are. For anyone who hasn't heard of them - E.L.F. stands for Eyes Lips Face and they are an American beauty company.

So here's a few things that I have my eye on:

1) Radiance Enhancer, £3.50. I love the name of this product haha, it is essentially just a highlighter though. I'm a massive fan of highlighters so this would be a great add in to my current make up as it's something you can use sparingly everyday and not worry about using it up because it's expensive! This is available in Spotlight, Sunrise and Golden.

2) Corrective Concealer, £3.75. This is a set that includes four different concealer colours. Many people think that skin coloured concealer is the best but oh no! I know it will seem a little strange putting different colours on your face but here's their guide. Green: neutralises red blemishes on your skin. Yellow and Pink: counteract dark under eye circles and dark blemishes. Blue: minimises yellow coloured imperfections. 

3) Concealer Brush, £1.50. I'm after a concealer brush and you can't say no to that price.

4) Nail Polish in Mint Cream, £2.50. I love pastel colours (have you realised yet?!) and for the price it looks fab.

5) Lip Stain in Nude Nectar, £2.50. I'm really into lip stains at the moment, but I do worry that they dry out my lips. This one includes Vitamin E to counteract them and is another bargain. 

What do you think?

Have you used any of these products or E.L.F. in general?


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    1. Thanks for the follow! I'll definitely check out your blog. x

  2. I adore this post! I am always looking for new makeups to try so I will definitely check these out. Especially the highlighter :)


    1. Thanks Hayley! They're such good value it's great!x

  3. I love the look of the concealer pallete and I'm constantly trying to find a new green concealer that doesn't break the bank as the Gosh one is so drying!
    I wonder if the lipstains are similar to the Revlon Just bitten ones? I'd love to find out, if you do buy them!

    The January Girl

  4. Such an amazing site, the brushes are really good! They have the best prices! xo