Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hot clothing this week:

1) Heart & Bows Cream Arcadia Vest. Ark Clothing. £17.99
2) London Scene Vest. Miss Selfridge. £22.00
3) Hearts & Bows Grey Marl Pasadena Vest. Ark Clothing. £16.99

It's definitely not summer right now but these vests will still look great under a cosy cardigan.
And if you want something a little warmer, here's my favourite jackets at the moment:

1) Bows Vintage Army Jacket. Ark Clothing. £29.99
2) Mini Stud PU Biker Jacket. Miss Selfridge. £57.00
3) Heart & Bows Denim Socorro Waistcoat. Ark Clothing. £29.99

I adore the leather jacket, wish I had £57.00 to spend on it!

What are your favourite buys at the moment?

S. x


  1. The leather jacket is very cute and edgy (I saw something similar at Camden market) but I am in LOVE with the Bows Vintage Army Jacket...I've been looking forever for a jacket like this! I'm your newest follower...check out my blog? :)

    1. I love the leather jacket but it's just a bit too expensive! I really want the army jacket and saw a similar one today for like £40/£50 in topshop so it's def good value! I'll deffo check out your blog, thanks so much for the follow too!x

  2. the army jacket is so cute! Damn I need to stop looking at gorgeous blogs making me want to buy everything, haha
    Millie x

    1. I am in love with the army jacket! I know - I was never interested in skincare products before the internet...damn!x