Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What I have my eye on for the Bullring student event

Hi lovelies. Thanks for your comments the other day it really cheered me up :) I became pretty unwell yesterday so went back to my proper home and I already feel better! How crazy is that. Shows how home comforts really help.

I am hoping to come back to university in time for the Birmingham Bullring student event on Thursday...basically 20% off everywhere.

I hardly need an excuse to spend money as it is but 20% off makes me very excited indeed.

I spotted this the other day and had to resist buying it there and then as F21 will be offering 21% off for students on Thursday...This makes the top £14.22!

I loveeeee the colour of these! The Topshop discount would make these £17.60 which seems a fab price. I'd probably pair this with a baggy white t-shirt, tucked in, an eye catching necklace and my leather jacket.

This looks nice and warm and easy to throw on top a pair of jeans!


Are you going to this or any other student event?

What would you like to buy with 20% off?



  1. I wish I was going to this but I am so poor right now that even 20% off won't be very beneficial :( hope you have a wicked time though! the polka dotted shirt is gorgeous x

  2. We're having a 20% off event in Notts, but I splurged on the Topshop website today as they were doing 20% off anyway! Oops! :) xo

  3. Oh my god there are so many student lock ins, in Cambridge atm I can hardly contain myself! I love that spotty shirt its lush! Hope you feel better soon :) xx

  4. I want that shirt!!!



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