Friday, 21 September 2012

Review: Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette in Warm

Hi lovelies! I'm back in Birmingham safe and sound. It's raining, obviously, and I'm stuck inside feeling very tired and a little grumpy :(! So I stopped reading my academic books and thought I'd have a read of your blogs instead. Much more fun.

Today I received my Body Shop order which I enjoyed a 40% off thanks to Body Shop always offering deals to me by email and me falling for their marketing every time. I chose this product as I actually saw someone else's review (I'm really sorry I can't remember who, I have an awful memory) and thought it looked lovely!

Here's what I ordered:
1) Shimmer Cube Palette 06 in Warm - £16.00
2) BB Cream in Light (I was really excited about this, review coming soon) - £12.00
3) Foot pumice, yum - £3.00
4) They sent me a free sample of tea tree oil, yay!

This was meant to come to £31.00 but I got it for £18.60. I love offers.

Top Left colour: Marshmallow
Top Right colour: Honeycomb
Bottom Left: Choc Chip
Bottom Right: Dark Chocolate

(This is making me hungry...)

I used marshmallow as a base all over my eyes after applying eye primer by ELF. I then used honeycomb on top and blended them together with my ELF blending brush. I then used Choc Chip in my crease using the same brush and then used dark chocolate in the outer corner of my eye, top and bottom. I then used black eyeliner from Rimmel and my Yves Saint Laurent Volume Mascara sample that I got from Whats In My Handbag.

Hopefully you can see how it turned out!

I think the colours are lovely and are great for an everyday look. I think my very colour is marshmallow. I find that browns are really good for green eyes as they make them "pop".

I don't think £16.00 is a bad price as there is a lot of product there and the colour is lovely and pigmented. As I got mine for £9.60 it's an absolute bargain considering the quality.

Have you ever used the shimmer cube palettes? Did you like them?

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  1. Gorgeous, i saw a review of this recently too and can't remember where ahah !

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Thank you Sophie :) Haha I'm glad it's not just me!!x

  2. Love the cubes from The Body Shop, I have similar ones from Catrice!
    You've got yourself a new follower. :)

    I would love to get a followback if you are interested in my blog! <3

    1. Thank you:) I'll definitely check out your blog xxx

  3. The shimmer cube looks so pretty!

    Check out my blog? My first ever giveaway is ending really soon!


    1. Followed and entered your giveaway :) xxx

  4. This is a such a pretty neutral look! :) Love it when the Body Shop have offers on. xo

  5. I always love the look of the shimmer cubes, they're so pretty! This one looks especially lovely xxx

  6. Lovely post, those eye shadows look good (:

  7. I tried the Body Shop BB cream recently- in light, too. I was a bit disappointed with it as it came out a tad orange! The shimmer cubes look like something to buy though!
    Daniella x

  8. I love the Body Shop make-up, the eye shadows look lovely on you :)

  9. I saw this palette in boots, and I was about to buy it. In the end I didn't as I own too many, it looks really pretty though. xo