Monday, 17 September 2012

Primark Haul!

Hi guys! Just a quick post to show you some things I've picked up from Primark recently. I got the shoes from my local store but a new store has opened near to where my boyfriend lives and it has really nice things in it so that's where I got everything else!

1) Satchel, £9

I love the look of the satchel but I have to be honest, the quality is really bad. It has frays all around the outside so I had to "trim" it with some scissors! There's also some awful stitching on the bottom that has left a white mark...I looked at all the satchels and this was the best quality one there though! I guess it's £9 though...!

2) Cosy socks, £2

These are sooooo warm and cosy I love them. I get really cold feet and the thought of going back to university on Thursday made me buy these pretty quickly! 

3) Beige Ballerina shoes, £4

These were a bargain but they are so painful :(

4) Various socks, 5 pack for £2.50

I'm always losing socks to some unknown destination so picked these up. I don't see the point in spending lots of money on socks, even though Topshop ones are divine.

I also bought a hair turban for £1.50! I've never used them before but I hate having wet hair hanging down, it makes me cold and the turban helps to get your hair a bit drier in a faster time.


Have you picked up any bargains lately?

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  1. I've just bought some cosy socks from Primark too, they've got so many good pairs in there at the moment! xo